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Friday, September 3, 2010

My Turn

Ok it's my turn to write something, well that's what Laura tells me and as you all know when she speaks I listen.  So here it comes ready or not.

First let me get you up to speed on the RV lingo.  Naturally RV stands for recreational Vehicle, and MH is Motorhome which we are traveling in. That's pretty simple. Now it gets a little harder. First there is DW and DH in future post these will be used frequently, DW is for Dear Wife and of course DH is for Dear Husband or as Laura will tell you in private the she really thinks DH is either Damn Husband or Dumb Husband. Due to the amount of time I spend lost and asking directions she has had ample opportunity to use each.  As we travel about we either take the 4 Lane which is obviously a 4 land road such as Interstate highways or we travel on the Blue Roads which are those little squiggly blue lines on the map that goes through every tiny town. The blue Roads are the ones I prefer to travel on but the DH hates as there are plenty of bumps, dips, rail road tracks, turns, stop signs and stop lights and also each one has their very own Barney Fife. Those of you older enough to remember Barney please explain that on to the youngsters. Now I enjoy the Blue because of the slower pace and the sights to see, the DH thinks I drive them just to disrupt her sleep, there may be something to that but I'll never ever admit to it.

More lingo Our MH has diesel engine which is located in the rear and therefore is called a Diesel Pusher or DP. That means we are traveling in a MHDP. A MHDP has 5 tanks that are always needing attention, there is the fuel tank which holds 75 gallons and averaging $3 per gallon so far, you do the math and you'll see why I cringe every time that tank needs filled.  Next is the propane tank which is 30 gallon the propane is fuel for the on board generator which we run as I'm driving so that the DW can stay nice and cool in the bedroom while I'm wondering around lost. It also powers the Refrigerator so when I finally decide to ask direction I can have a cool drink well planning my next move.  Then comes the fresh water tank which is 35 gallons and supplies water to the sinks, shower and toilet, of course, when in a campground I can connect to their water supply and not use the tank. Next is the gray water tank that is where the water from the sinks and shower are held it is a 45 gallon tank. Last but surely not least important is the black water tank, it also is a 45 gallon tank and that's where all the crap goes when you flush the toilet. Now the nasty part of my job to keep this circus on the road is emptying the Gray Water and Black Water tanks when we stop at a campground. I'll leave up to you to picture that process it's something that just can not be described, you have to experience it.

Ok that covers some of the lingo, more on that later. I'll stop here and write more later about where we've been, how we got there and where we're going. I

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