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Friday, December 10, 2010

California or Bust Pt3

Springerville AZ. is not a bad town, they have all the facilities necessary to sustain life. The important things civilized people require, like a grocery store, gas stations, laundries, numerous bars and the 2 most important to me, an auto parts store and a Dairy Queen.
After a good nights sleep the plan for the day was to return to the auto parts store to find something that might work better than the epoxy that helped us get down the mountain but just barely before it gave out.

After awaking the first thing I did was throw back the curtains to see if the rain was gone. It was a beautiful day full of promise until may eyes focused. We were parked in the middle of a junkyard. Well not actually a junk yard, the park was full of looooonnnnng term tenants, they had apparently been there a long time had not washed there trailers and motor homes in a long time and it was obvious that there had not been a trash pick up in, I would guess about 10 years based on the accumulation of trash bags, car parts, assorted pieces of broken furniture and other items piled around each one. When I stepped out I realized why there was one space available for rent when we arrived. Apparently this space was used by the tenants as a dumping ground for their dogs. No they didn't dump their dogs there, the dogs are the ones that did the dumping. It was like running through a minefield just to reach the back of the motor home.

If you've ever towed a car you know that to unhook you have chains, cables and wires to disconnect. Try doing that tippy toeing through a doggy minefield. That was not going to bother me, I was on a mission. Off to the auto parts store. Surprise, Springerville is the only town in America that the auto parts store is closed on Sunday. Ok, no problem, back to the motor home fire up the computer, get online and find the closest RV repair shop or open auto parts store. Closest RV repair is in Flagstaff AZ about 4 hours away, the closest auto parts is 48 miles in the town of Show Low. I Opted for Show Low.

Show Low is and interesting town at least the name is interesting. Seems that back in 1880 two men both of which were large land owners in the area wanted to form a town but thought it was only big enough for one of them. Being gentlemen, rather than a gun fight at high noon on main street they decided on a friendly game of cards with the loser leaving town. One hand of low ball poker, Mr. Cooley's low card was a 5, he said to Mr Clark it's yours if you "Show Low". Mr Clark turned over the Deuce of Clubs, the lowest card in the deck and Mr. Cooley left town. That's how the name came about, the main street in Show Low is even named Deuce of Clubs Dr. and in the middle of town is a bronze statue of the 2 men playing card.

Ok enough of the history lesson, found an auto parts store, again discussed my need with the sales clerk he in turn spoke with the "old timer that knew everything". The old timer was a cross between wise budda and Don Knotts just shook his head and said "ain't nothing gonna stick to that crap they make them there tanks outa". I can feel my ship sinking fast until the old timer said try that Home Depot down the road a piece they're used to handling that plastic crap. 

Home Depot here I come! At the store I am confronted by a wall of  adhesive. I formulated a plan of attack, I'll ask for help, not just any help, this time I'm looking for a youngster that maybe can at least spell polyethylene and will not call my damaged tank plastic carp. I spotted my subject, I figured with the Jesus tattoos and the hula hoop earrings he had at least attended the Show Low Community College. After explaining my problem and need he said and I quote " ain't nothing gonna stick to that crap" I just smiled and said I know that's what your Grandfather told me. He didn't think it was funny seems his grandfather had been dead for 10 years. After my mumbled apology he did offer a suggestion, JB Weld according to the package, JB weld will stick to anything and harden into a steel like patch. Finally success is on the horizon.

Upon arriving back at the motor home, tip toeing through the doggy mine field I sat down to lunch and read the instructions on the use of JB Weld.  Will adhere to all types of metal, glass, plastic, wood, PVC piping, I'm feeling good, then the last sentence in small print my bubble burst, Will not adhere to polyethylene.

Like hell it won't- I'm putting it on and wrapping it in Duct tape

Continued in Pt.4 Flagstaff here we come..

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