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Monday, December 20, 2010

Onward to Flagstaff

Monday morning, blue skies and 70 degrees, perfect weather for the next leg of the journey. First thing is to check my patch on the overflow tank, JB Weld and Duct tape, overnight it has harden just like the package stated. Feeling good, maybe we are catching a bit of good luck, fill the tank and hit the road.

Being the cautious type and not fully trusting my ability to make the repair,  DW is so smart have to wonder why she married me, anyways DW suggest that I stop in Winslow to see how the patch was holding. Being the dutifully husband I am I said yes dear though my motto is what you don't know can't hurt you. Normally by now DW would be ready to head to the bed for a short nap well I drove but today she was wide awake waiting to hear how the patch was doing, no way I'm  getting of stopping. upon reaching Winslow I found a safe place to stop for the required inspection. Bam, that's the sound of my jaw dropping when what I see is water dripping from the patch.

Now you must always remember I am a man therefore most of the time my decisions are made based on the easiest way out of any situation. My options are tell DW it's leaking and having to find a place to stay in Winslow ( not a fun place to be) and then try to find someone to make the repair and be stuck here for only heavens knows how long, Or I can do the man thing. I got back in the motor home with a smile on my face and immediately told DW it's holding, no leaking we're good to go.

Dw is happy says it's time for a nap and off to the bed she goes.

The rest of the trip was uneventful, that proves that prayers are heard and answered, at least mine because i was praying all the way to Flagstaff that it would hold just long enough to get there.

My luck continued, I took the first Flagstaff exit, at the stop sign I could see the RV Repair shop and a sign for an RV Park just 2 miles further. Thank you God, that was easy think maybe we can renegotiate the terms of my prayer promises.

Cont. in Pt. 5 Snow storms tornadoes and the high cost of RV repairs.

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