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Sunday, September 15, 2013

A paniful lesson in the cost of RV repair

Well just check into the Tall Pines RV park in Flagstaff.  I've checked in maybe 30 parks since beginning with no problem, till now. Filled out the required registration form, showed ID, handed my credit card to the manager to complete the transaction, then it went downhill. Seems that the owner of the park had an fight with the back regarding the fee they imposed for processing credit cards, and therefore no longer accepted credit cards. Cash or check only.  As many Rv'ers will attest to we don't carry a lot of cash when traveling, credit cards for purchases and debit cards for a little walking around cash. A thorough search of my wallet and all pockets resulted in a grand total of $7.64. That left a check as the only option which the Manager would be happy to accept. When was the last time you were 2,000 miles from home and a business willingly accepted a personal check? This was a pleasant surprise considering the "don't trust anyone" that is so prevalent today. Now this is all well and good till you realize you have not seen your checkbook in the last 3 months, and have no idea where to start looking. Only one thing to do, wake up the wife. Women have two unique abilities a man could never master, 1. the power of total recall of every word a man has ever uttered, which is not the one I needed now and have never been to fond of, and, 2. being able to remember where everything is located from the birthday card she received 10 years ago to the candy bar I had stashed in a safe place so she wouldn't know about it which even I had forgot about. Women are just weird creatures. Anyways, even in her groggy state from being woke up she knew right where to located the checkbook.

That all out of the way, finally set up in the campground among the tall pines, will be going to the repair shop in the morning, life is good. 

Cool morning, clear skies, I'm off to the repair shop. 


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